Exmo Exchange Review

Exmo cryptocurrency exchange was launched in the year 2013 in London by a team of diversified professionals from various countries like USA, Singapore, India, Russia and more. Based on the information available on its official website, Exmo exchange is available in more than 200 countries. It doesn’t have a huge trading volume when compared with the popular exchanges like Coinbase, Binance etc, but Exmo cryptocurrency exchange supports more trading pairs. The trading platform of Exmo is very simple so that you can easily buy or sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Exmo exchange is owned by Exmo Finance LLP.

Is Exmo Exchange Safe?

Yes. Exmo exchange is a registered company in the UK and it strictly abides by the AML and KYC regulations. There are no scams reported about the exchange since its launch in 2013. Plus, the Exmo exchange also provides the customers to secure their transactions by enabling the 2FA (Two-factor authentication) using Google Authenticator or SMS.

Exmo Pros

  • 50+ cryptocurrency trading pairs
  • Supports more than 10 different payment methods
  • Accepts fiat currencies like USD, EUR, RUB and PLN
  • Easy to use
  • Prevent unauthorized access by creating a list of trusted IP addresses
  • Available in 10+ languages like Spanish, French, Chinese and more
  • 2-Factor Authentication can be enabled

 Exmo Cons

  • Deposit / Withdrawal fees is high in many payment methods
  • Not regulated under any jurisdiction
  • No demo platform
  • No mobile app

How the Exmo Exchange Works

Like most of the cryptocurrency exchanges, you need to create a free account on Exmo to start trading bitcoins or other cryptos. However, it doesn’t block you from buying cryptocurrencies even if you had not verified your account. You can verify your account by submitting the necessary documents anytime you wish to increase your buying/withdrawal limits. Exmo exchange provides you two types of buying options namely Limit order and Instant order. Once you add the required funds to your account by using any of the payment methods, you can go ahead and place the order for the desired cryptos. You should receive the coins on your wallet within few hours.

Exmo exchange allows two trading modes namely Exchange and Trades. Exchange mode is more suitable for the newbies who just need to buy/sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. They won’t be interested to study the market trends or other technical information related to trading. Trades mode is for experienced users who would like to understand in-depth about the various trading techniques.

Exmo Sign Up & Login Process

 Sign up (Only for the new users):

Creating a new account on Exmo exchange is straightforward as it doesn’t ask too many personal questions.

  1. Go to https://exmo.com/ and click the ‘Registration’ button.exmosignup1
  2. Fill in all the mandatory information like username, password, email address and click the ‘Register’ button to submit your application for creating the account on Exmo.

Verifying & securing the account

  1. Click on the confirmation email received from Exmo to activate your account.
  2. Then, you will see a ‘Congratulations’ message as shown below.exmosignup2
  3. Before starting buying bitcoins, secure your account by enabling the two-factor authentication via SMS or Google Authenticator.

Exmo Verification

  1. To verify your account, you need to complete three sections as given below:
  • Identity: You need to provide a scanned copy of your passport or other document issued by your government as a proof of your identity.
  • Address: You can provide any of the following documents as a proof of your residence.
    • Copy of Utility bills like Electricity, Water etc
    • Copy of the Bank statement
    • Tax documents
    • Confirmation letter from your employer
    • Other documents issued by the government which contains your residential address.
  • Agreement: You need to put your signature on all pages of the agreement and upload the scanned copies of the same on their website.exmoverification

Note: Although verification is not mandatory for starting trading on Exmo exchange, some payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, Wire Transfer expects you to be a verified user.

How to buy bitcoins from Exmo?

First, you need to fund your account to buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Funding your account

  1. After logging into your account, click the ‘Finance’ tab on your account page. exmologin
  2. Choose your desired fiat currency and click the ‘Deposit’ button corresponding to your selection. exmodeposit


Note: If you are an unverified user, then you can use payment options like Perfect Money, Money Polo, AdvCash etc to fund your account. For using payment options like Neteller, Wire Transfer, Skrill etc, you need to verify your account by submitting the relevant documents.

  1. Choose your desired payment method, enter the amount and click ‘Refill my account’. Then it should take you to the website of the payment provider for further processing.

Based on the chosen payment method, it may take few hours or 1-2 business days to see the balance on your account.

Buying bitcoins from Exmo

  1. Click ‘Buy & Sell’ tab on your account page and your screen will look like the one given below. exmobuysell
  2. You can find the Buy/Sell section just below the trading graph. exmobuy1
  3. If you wish to buy the bitcoins instantly at the market price, then you can click the ‘Instant order’ tab and enter the amount of BTC that you would like to buy. However, you can choose the ‘Limit order’ tab, if you would like to buy bitcoins till it reaches your desired rate.
  4. Click ‘Buy BTC’ button once you enter all the mandatory fields.

Congratulations! You have successfully placed your first order to buy bitcoins from Exmo. You can click the ‘My active orders’ / ‘My Trading history’ tab to check the status of your order. Once it is processed, you will receive the coins on your wallet.

How to sell bitcoins on Exmo?

You can easily sell the bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies on the Exmo exchange and the procedure for selling is exactly the same as buying.

  1. Click ‘Buy & Sell’ tab on your account page.
  2. If you want to sell your bitcoins instantly, then you can choose the ‘Instant order’ tab. Alternatively, if you wish to wait till you get your desired price, then click the ‘Limit order’ tab.
  3. Click ‘Sell BTC’ button after you enter the relevant data in all the fields.

You will receive the money in your account once your bitcoins are sold. And, you can withdraw the money by using any of the supported payment methods.

Withdrawal of funds

  1. Click the ‘Finance’ tab on your account page.
    2. Choose the desired currency and click the ‘Withdraw’ button corresponding to that. exmowithdraw
    3. Enter the amount you need to withdraw from your account and click the ‘Withdraw Funds’ button.

Based on the chosen payment method, the money will be credited to your account within few hours or days.

List of Top 20 countries supported by Exmo

As Exmo exchange is based on UK, it is available to almost all the countries of the EU. However, it is not available in US, China, Japan and some countries in the Middle East. The top 20 countries supported by Exmo exchange are given below:

  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Romania
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Ireland
  • Slovakia
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Denmark
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal


Accepted payment methods

Exmo cryptocurrency accepts four different fiat currencies (USD, EUR, RUB – Russian Rubel and PLN – Polish Zloty) with a wide range of payment methods as given below:

  • Wire Transfer
  • Rapid Transfer
  • Visa / Master card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Money Polo
  • AdvCash
  • CryptoCapital
  • Payeer
  • Yandex Money
  • Qiwi
  • DotPay
  • SEPA

Supported Cryptocurrencies/ Trading pairs

Exmo exchange supports trading of more than 50 currency pairs. Given below is the list of Top 20 cryptocurrency pairs:

  • BTC / EUR
  • ETH / EUR
  • BCH / BTC
  • BTG / BTC
  • HBZ / BTC
  • XRP / USD
  • LTC / EUR
  • BTC / RUB
  • DASH / BTC
  • ETH / USD
  • KICK / ETH
  • ETH / UAH
  • XMR / EUR
  • ZEC / EUR
  • EOS / BTC
  • BTC / PLN
  • ETH / USDT
  • DOGE / BTC
  • USDT / USD

Exmo Fees & Limits

You need to pay a flat trading fee of 0.2% irrespective of the payment method and type of transaction (Deposit/Withdrawal). Besides that, the transaction fees vary based on the payment method you choose.


For buying coins using cryptocurrencies, the fees are given below:

Cryptocurrency Deposit Withdrawal
BTC 0% 0.0005 BTC
LTC 0% 0.01 LTC
DOGE 0% 1 Doge
DASH 0% 0.01 DASH
ETH 0% 0.01 ETH
WAVES 0% 0.001 WAVES
ZEC 0% 0.001 ZEC
XMR 0% 0.05 XMR
XRP 0% 0.02 XRP
ETC 0% 0.01 ETC
BCH 0% 0.001 BCH
BTG 0% 0.001 BTG

If you are using other payment options like Wire Transfer, then you need to pay the fees based on the payment methods and the fiat currency.

Payment method Deposit Withdrawal
SEPA 25 EUR 4%
Neteller (EUR,USD) 4.5%
Wire Transfer (USD) 0% 1.9% + 20 USD
Wire Transfer (PLN) 20 PLN
Skrill (EUR) 3.5% + 0.29 EUR 3%
Skrill (PLN) 3.5% + 1.21 PLN
Rapid Transfer 1.5% + 0.29 EUR
Visa / Mastercard 3% + 5 EUR / 5 USD
Visa / Mastercard (Simplex) 6%
AdvCash (RUB) 3% 3%
AdvCash (EUR) 0% 1%
Money Polo (EUR) 0.5% 3%
Money Polo (PLN) 5% 0.5%
Payeer (EUR) 2% 1%
Perfect Money 1%


You cannot buy as much amount of cryptos as you wish because Exmo has set maximum and minimum limits for your trade based on the currency pair as given below:

Currency pair Quantity Price Amount
BTC/EUR Min : 0.001

Max : 100

Min : 1
Max : 30000
Min : 1

Max : 200000

ETH/EUR Min : 0.001

Max : 1000

Min : 0.001
Max : 10000
Min : 1

Max : 50000

LTC/EUR Min : 0.05

Max : 1000

Min : 0.01
Max : 10000
Min : 0.001

Max : 100000

ZEC/EUR Min : 0.01

Max : 500

Min : 0.001
Max : 5000
Min : 0.1

Max : 20000

XMR/EUR Min : 0.03

Max : 500

Min : 0.001
Max : 1000
Min : 0.1

Max : 100000

BTC/UAH Min : 0.001

Max : 100

Min : 1
Max : 1500000
Min : 10

Max : 800000

BCH/USD Min : 0.003

Max : 10000

Min : 0.00000001
Max : 30000
Min : 0.0001

Max : 20000

BCH/ETH Min : 0.003

Max : 10000

Min : 0.0000001
Max : 200
Min : 0.0001

Max : 10000

Check out the Exmo website to know more information about the limits for the remaining currency pairs.

Top Competitors

Coinbase, Coinmama, and CEX.IO are considered as the top competitors for Exmo exchange because the majority of these exchanges are popular in EU. Even though Exmo has very low trading volume when compared with other exchanges, it offers a wide range of options to deposit/withdraw money. Plus, it supports more than 50 currency pairs for trading.

Exmo Security Features

  • Exmo cryptocurrency exchange makes sure that all the personal information of its members will remain confidential and it will not be disclosed to anyone for whatever reason it may be. All the information is encrypted using SSL.
  • To keep your transactions secure, you can enable the 2FA security feature by logging on to your account. Once 2FA is enabled, you need to enter the security code (Google Authenticator/SMS) every time you make a transaction on the Exmo exchange. And, the transactions will not get completed without entering the code thus making your transactions safe and secure.
  • Trusted IP – Exmo exchange allows to create a list of Trusted IP addresses so that if you account is logged in from any other IP address, then it will issue a warning. You can add as many IP addresses as you like to the trusted list. For that, you need to visit the option Account -> Security after logging on to your Exmo account.

Exmo Customer Support

  • Online Chat
  • Exmo exchange claims that it provides 24/7 customer support for its members. You can directly send an email to support@exmo.com.
  • Alternatively, you can also create a ticket using the ‘Request form’ available on the website to get a quick response from the support team of Exmo.
  • Also, you can read the FAQs and the Knowledge Base section of the website to learn information related to deposit/withdrawals, trading, account management and more.

Exmo Rating (Out of 10)



Even though Exmo exchange is relatively a new exchange, it accepts users from countries all over the world. And it claims that it has more than 200,000 registered members worldwide. Exmo is more popular in Russia, Poland, and Ukraine as it supports a lot of payment methods based on the fiat currencies like RUB, PLN, and UAH. As there are no published scam reports about the Exmo cryptocurrency exchange, it can be considered as a good option to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.